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Hello!  First, thank you for visiting my site.

I have been an artist since before I can remember. I started drawing on walls and the rest is history. (Sorry mom & dad)  I have worked most of my life as a graphic designer for nonprofits and drew a lot of coloring pages for my 5 kids as they grew up.

My first experience with rug hooking happened at a camp. The week nurse brought hers to work on in her free time.  I knew absolutely nothing about this crazy good art genre….and as soon as I saw it I wanted to hook rugs.  Fast forward 5 years - I’m completely in love- its like painting in wool.


The business end kind of made its own.  As a made rugs, lovely people started asking for patterns…and that was the beginning of Kelli Smith Designs.

I spend a lot of love and care in the design and hooking.  I love when someone finds a design that they want to hook.  We all have our own styles and that is what makes it so cool!  

You can start at the same place and then you make it your own.


I hope you find something your looking for and if not, email me and we can work together on something uniquely you!  EMAIL

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