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All Patterns start with an idea & plan.  I usually start with a drawing in my sketchbook or on my iPad. Then I hand-draw a pattern and transfer the drawing onto a foundation fabric.  You can get your pattern on linen, rug warp, monks cloth, or linen blend. 



Let’s talk about foundation.


Linen is a very durable material and some rug hookers won’t work on anything else.  Linen stretches very little when stretched over a frame. There are antique rugs on linen that last for generations.


Rug warp is heavier cotton cloth.  It’s usually used by people who want a little more give, a bit more easy to stretch on the frame.  I love it. 


Rug warp linen blend is what it says.  It is a blend of linen and acrylic. It is super durable and (I think) my choice for backing. Because it is a linen and  poly blend, you can’t iron it on high…it will have shrinkage


Monks-cloth is made from cotton. It is super versatile and easy to use.  It is lighter weight than rug warp and stretches nicely over the frame


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